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NGE Status for Alpha
DirectDraw 80% Complete
DirectInput 80% Complete
DirectSound 80% Complete
DirectShow 100% Complete
Game Mechanics 60% Complete
NGE Tool 60% Complete

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w 2006, February, the 6th x
The first public version of NGE is here ! It includes :
- NGETool version 1.0
- Narrative Game Engine build 1038
- A small demo project created with NGETool
There are still issues that still need to be fixed. More release notes are available on the
forums, and you can download the file here ! Have fun ^_^v

What is Narrative Game Engine (NGE) ?
NGE is a 2D engine using DirectX developped for creating Narrative Games. A popular game genre that is a narrative game is for exemple Bishojo games or dating simulation games.
Those are games where scenario and text is very important and where you can choose sometimes your own answers that will influence the scenario.

Tsukushite Agechau 4 (I'm gonna Serve you 4), is a perfect exemple of what a narrative game is.
(check out to know more about this game. Also, homepage of the japanese developer)

Toon, another game that fits to the genre.
(company homepage:

As you can see, all those games involve the same components (text, background music, sound effects, pictures, additionnal sprites). NGE is a complete engine that allows you to create your own narrative game without any knowledge of game programming.

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NGE Features

  • Microsoft Windows compatible
  • DirectX compatible
  • Supports MP3 or MID for music
  • PCM support for sound effects
  • Alpha Blending on text sprites
  • Smooth text printing
  • Multi-choices answers
  • ... and much more !

NGE Tool

NGE Tool is the program associated with the engine that allows you to design the game through an easy-to-use graphic user interface. You select what you want for each frame of the game, you chose links for the frames and you obtain the game you ever wanted to create !

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Download A.K.A. "Where can I get it" ?


The Alpha build 1014 running

Narrative Game Engine SDK Alpha 1 : first public release [6.40mb]

Mirror 1 [location : France] Status : UP
Mirror 2 [location : France] Status : UP

Old files released (don't download unless special interest)
Demonstration of the engine build 1014 running
Mirror 1 [location : France] Status : UP
Mirror 2 [location : France] Status : UP

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This game is developped as a part time project by Tony Pottier.
If you are interested in this project or if you have any questions about the program, you can drop me an e-mail anytime at

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Narrative Game Engine is protected by French laws on Intelectual Property.